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Consultant Testimonial

I felt well taken care of at Neotecra, and their staff were professional and respectful.

More and more companies are committed to the principles of equality, and Neotecra is a role model employment agency. Embracing diversity helps foster our creativity and promotes excellence, and that is my strong belief. I worked as a technical writing consultant at a medical device company through Neotecra from January to October 2013, and I experienced top notch professionals.

I value each human being and expect them to treat each other in a manner that shows respect for individual differences. Collective differences are what contribute to our dynamic culture and promote the enduring relationships we uphold with our coworkers.

I am dedicated to building diversity within not only my social networks, but my professional networks as well, and maintaining a work environment that ensures continuous improvement, constant innovation and individual commitment to quality. Neotecra has worked to develop, enhance, and grow the image and reputation of an employment agency that promotes diversity, right throughout its own devastation of the 9-1-1 attacks in New York City. Neotecra has paved the way to reach its position in the marketplace.

- Brenda Caley

I have been working at Neotecra for many years as an IT consultant. I have found Neotecra to be very caring and helpful. They have provided help many times beyond their employment contract. I would be proud to recommend Neotecra to my friends

- Rudy Bruney

I worked with Neotecra from 2011-2012, and found their personnel to be the most efficient, and responsible I've ever worked for. Whether it was ensuring I was paid on time, or helping to facilitate an easy transition to the company I'd be working for through them, I have nothing but praise for how Neotecra does business!

- Philip Grom

I had worked for Neotecra as an IT Consultant for many years. Currently, I am working full time as a Software Architect / Manager. Today, if anyone asks for my recommendation to work for an IT Consulting compnay, Neotecra will be first on my recommendation list based on the trust and respect I have for Neotecra's management.

- Anto Mathu

Client Testimonial

We have been working with Neotecra for the last 4 years. Based on our experience working with them, we have found Neotecra to be extremely responsive and detailed in handling our IT staffing requirements, providing high quality resources at a very competitive rate.

- Programme Manager, Siemens USA